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Program description

This 12-month ASHP accredited PGY2 Geriatric Pharmacy Residency is designed to develop the resident to be proficient in optimizing geriatric pharmacotherapy, performing medication reconciliation and medication management in older adults, and collaborating with diverse roles of the interdisciplinary team in the evaluation and management of the elderly patient.

The resident will be responsible for achieving optimal drug therapy outcomes in older adults as members of the healthcare team. The PGY2 Geriatric Pharmacy Residency will practice proficiency in communicating with and educating other healthcare professionals, trainees, and patients on drug-related topics. They will develop teaching and/or precept skills by participating in teaching opportunities with affiliated Pharmacy Schools. Leadership skills will be enhanced through pharmacy administration and research experiences. Residents will demonstrate professional maturity by following the mission of VAMHCS Pharmacy, monitoring their own performance and exhibiting commitment to the profession.

One of the main emphases of the residency is to provide direct care to the patient with the supervision of the respective tutors. Rotation resident responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: obtaining pertinent patient history, evaluating pharmacotherapy issues and implementing an appropriate medication plan as it relates to geriatric patients, electronically documenting progress notes, and providing information information on medications to patients and other health care providers. The resident will be expected to become an integral part of the interdisciplinary geriatric team.

Learning experiences required

  • Orientation
  • Long term care
  • Home Primary Care (HBPC)
  • Cardiovascular Lipid Risk Reduction Clinic
  • Interdisciplinary Cognitive Assessment Clinic
  • Patient Care Aligned Team (PACT) primary care clinic.
  • Heart failure clinic
  • HBPC anticoagulation
  • Hospice/Palliative Care
  • Infectious Diseases/Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • Internal Medicine
  • Geriatric pharmacy administration
  • Other Longitudinal Learning Experiences: Geriatric Pharmacy Administration, Pharmacy Training Series, Residency Project/Research, Teaching/Teaching, Physical Assessment Series, Professional Development Series

Select Optional Learning Experiences

  • Interdisciplinary renal clinic
  • Anticoagulation clinic
  • Hospital psychiatry

Program structure

This residency program is structured as a mix of block and longitudinal learning experiences. Block learning experiences last 4-6 weeks (depending on the calendar year) and longitudinal learning experiences last twelve weeks. The first half of the year focuses on core geriatric practice settings (e.g. long-term care, home primary care, outpatient care), while the second half of the year incorporates specialist geriatric practice settings (e.g. palliative, heart, insufficiency, etc. .).


A Residency Development Plan (RDP) for each resident will be formulated upon entry into the programme. Updates and changes will be addressed quarterly by the Residency Program Director and/or Program Coordinator. Following the ASHP Accreditation Standard for PGY2 Pharmaceutical Residencies, this program includes the ASHP competency areas, objectives, and goals required for PGY2 Geriatric Pharmacy. The residents’ performance in each learning experience will be documented electronically in PharmAcademicTM.

Additional information

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